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Blender Procedural Material Pack #16

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In this material pack, you will get 11 realistic procedural materials, created with Blender. (The Saturn Planet and Rings are Two Separate Materials)

Render Engine:
These Materials were created for the Cycles rendering engine. You can use them in the Eevee rendering engine, but they work best in Cycles.

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Note: The Eevee engine doesn't support material displacements, so if rendered in Eevee, the materials will render, but some of the materials are using displacements, so the displacements will not work in Eevee.

Customizable Node Groups: Each material has been created as a custom node group, with many different customizable values, such as: Scale, Rotation, Color, Metallic, Details, Distortion, Noise Settings, Roughness, Normal and Bump, Displacement, and more!

Ultimate Procedural Material Pack

If you’d like to learn how to create these materials yourself, I have tutorials on how to create them on my YouTube channel.

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Blender file with 11 Procedural Materials:

● Candy Corn

● Saturn Planet
● Saturn Rings
● Sci-Fi Greeble
● Snowy Mountain (Using Displacements)
● Mars Rock & Sand (Using Displacements)
● Blue Marble
● White Bricks
● Quartz Rock (Using Displacements)
● Lolly Pop (Using Displacements)
● Jawbreaker Candy

Other Files:

● Final Renders
● Product Images
● HDRI Lighting

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Blender Procedural Material Pack #16

0 ratings
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